World Class Outdoor Adventures offers Exclusive-Use Guide Area for brown Bear on the Alaska Peninsula!

Located in the center of the Alaska Peninsula is Ugashik Lakes. Located on the western shore of the Lower Ugashik Lakes sits our 248 square mile Exclusive-Use Guide Area. This is Alaska Native owned land and is not open to the public for Alaska Peninsula brown bear hunting. This is where our trophy brown bear camp is located, and is home to some of the world’s largest brown bears. Our goal is to manage the area to produce “World Class” brown bears for our clients. We are limiting the harvest to only 6 bears per hunting season. We have harvested peninsula brown bears squaring as large as 10’ 4” and consistently squaring over 9 foot!

Finally, after 3 years of persistent work in trying to obtain the hunting area we succeeded in 2012. We are almost booked for 2013 and are booking hunts for 2014 currently! These Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunts will be conducted out of a lodge and with small boats for the most part. When necessary, spike camps will be used to harvest that trophy brown bear not obtainable from the lodge. 

This part of the Alaska Peninsula consistently produces some of the biggest, book-class brown bear in the world. You can expect to see from a dozen to 40 brown bears during your hunt with World Class Outdoor Adventures. Our main cabin is situated in the head of the Ugashik river where salmon pour into the Lower Ugashik Lake to spawn. From there we have 4 other spike camps which consist of “Bomb Shelter” tents for sleeping and cooking. They are comfortable with large cots for sleeping. All hunting is done from either small boats or by foot and is strictly fair chase.
These Peninsula brown bear hunts do require patience, resilience to bad weather, and mental toughness to get you through those 100mph Alaska storms, and of course many hours of glassing! It is almost certain that a couple days of hunting will be lost due to inclement weather. Because of this I book these hunts as 15 day hunts. This allows for the bad weather and still gives time to harvest your “World Class” trophy brown bear! While these Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts are expensive and time-consuming to get to , if a “World Class”, potentially record book, brown bear and an adrenalin charged adventure is what you seek, then welcome to World Class Outdoor Adventures! 


Peninsula Brown Bear Hunts
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Pricing: See our price list here.

All Alaska Peninsula brown bear hunts listed above are based on 1 client per guide. Hunters can request a 2x1 hunt and is the maximum we will take per guide. 


Alaska Peninsula:

The Alaska Peninsula, extending 500 miles to the southwest from the mainland of Alaska is unmatched in raw beauty. Home to several national preserves and refuges including; Katmai National park and preserve, Aniakchak National Monument and preserve, Becharof National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge and Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is the Alaska Peninsula. The Aleutian Mountain Range stretches across the entire length of the Alaska Peninsula while facing the North Pacific Ocean to the south and Bristol Bay to the north. The Alaska Peninsula has the biggest run of sockeye salmon (red salmon) on the planet. King, chum pink salmon and chum also flood every river and creek. Due to the abundance of food the Alaska Peninsula brown bear in some areas grow to 11+ feet tall and weigh in at more than 1500 pounds.

Anyone who has hunted the Alaska Peninsula will most certainly tell you about the weather! While a clear, calm, beautiful day on the peninsula is something to hold dear, it is most certainly more common to have cold blowing rain stinging your face! Winds from 30-100mph are a very realistic factor 

A list of hunting gear and clothing will be provided upon receipt of signed contract and deposit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


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